Own a car? Then you need insurance to protect it. We offer coverage policies for both personal vehicles and business vehicles. Our policies are tailored to fit your specific needs so that you only pay for what you need.


Auto insurance helps protect you from paying full price for
– Repairs (via accident, theft, vandalism, and natural disasters)
– Medical bills should you get in an accident
Most states require vehicles to be insured and not having insurance can land you in court.
We offer coverage for cars, trucks, ATVs, RVs and more.




Your home is an investment. It’s where your family gathers and where you keep most of your belongings. Keeping it safe is a big priority. That’s where our home insurance comes in.

Insurance policies will help you restore your house and replace damaged items in the event of a loss.


We offer options for:

Outdoor equipment – such as heating and cooling systems

Garage/Sheds attached or detached to your home

Personal Property (contact us for specific details on what this contains)

Living Expenses (should your home be unlivable for a time after a loss)


Medical Expenses

Debris Removal

and much more




Our farm insurance options offer a broad range of coverage to fit the specific needs of farmers. We can customize plans whether they rent/own, raise livestock or grow crops. Plans can also include the option to protect farm machinery and tools that are used in the operation of the farm. Or there is also liability coverage in case of bodily harm or property damage.


We also specialize in Crop and Hail Insurance as well. Hail can be extremely destructive when it hits crops so it’s best to insure the crops as a precaution.




Medicare Supplement covers the gaps of the original benefits of the standard Medicare plans such as deductibles, and co-pays. We offer different levels of basic benefits with our Medicare Supplement plans.




If a person can no longer take care of themselves without assistance then Long term care insurance plans can help cover the costs involved. It can cover instances when someone has a chronic medical condition, disability or a disorder.




A death in the family is incredibly devastating and unfortunately can be also be financially devastating as well. Life Insurance helps protect loved loves from the sudden financial burden. It is a guarantee from your insurance company that those that depend on you will receive a sum of money in the event of your death. We offer both term and permanent life insurance plans.


Your beneficiaries can use that money to help with many different things such as:

Replacing the sudden lost income in the event of a death in the family

Children’s education

Basic living expenses

Household debts

Funeral expenses




It takes a lot to own a business, let us help you protect it. We’ve got options for liability claims such as bodily harm, damage to property and other miscellaneous claims that can pop up from business operations. There’s coverage for business owners to protect commercial and personal property used for business purposes. Plus we offer Workers’ Compensation options to cover employees should they be injured on the job.




We offer custom insurance plans for those who depend on their truck for their livelihood. Our coverage for professional truck drivers offers insurance for many different types of trucks.


We’ll cover:

Semi Trucks

Box Trucks

Garbage Trucks

Pickup Trucks

Flatbed Trailers

and many more